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It happens millions of times each day – a person has a spoken conversation with another person. It can be about a trip they took or a restaurant they did or did not enjoy. Maybe they are sharing the story behind a photo, telling about their weekend, a family event, a product they discovered, a song they love and the memories it evokes.

Each conversation is filled with its own unique texture, tone and emotion. Each conversation also has something in common: a shared experience; a moment in time. Each is a human interaction. A real conversation. A connection.

At QWiPS™, everything we do respects that connection – from our commitment to bringing a higher degree of humanity into our digital lives, to the way we enable our customers and communities to enhance the digital dialog with emotion and authenticity.

QWiPS™ is fun, easy-to-use, social voice utility that lets you add your spoken voice to the social conversation. Using QWiPS™ you can add a voice caption, a voice comment, a spoken anecdote, rant or rave to any photo, SMS, email or text post (Tweet, Facebook update, tip, testimonial, etc.)-- instantly bringing them to life with the nuance, passion and authenticity of your spoken words. And with our patent-pending voice response feature, anyone who listens to your QWiP can immediately respond in their own voice. QWiPS™ can be shared on any social network, website or blog worldwide, works in any language, and is the only media (voice) that 100% of all mobile owners globally know how to use.
Our Team
The team behind QWiPS™ is as passionate about having fun with voice as they are about making QWiPS the go-to platform for sharing voice on the web. Here they are:
Jeffrey Stier, Founder and President
Jeffrey has a 25-year record of achievement and innovation in interactive technology, consumer marketing, direct and database marketing, business development and strategic planning. In 2001 he was selected as one of Counselor Magazine’s “40 under 40” – a distinction given to a select group of young executives “whose achievements, vision and youthful energy are changing the way the marketing industry does business.” Never satisfied with the status quo. Jeff's ongoing passion is applying evolving digital technologies to continuously enhance consumer-consumer and brand-consumer engagement. In his free time Jeff loves to play soccer, tennis and hang out with his family in New York City. He holds a BA in English and BS in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester.
Peter Grossman, CEO
Hailing from Connecticut, Peter Grossman joined QWiPS™ as CEO in April 2011. As a 20+ year veteran of the advertising industry, Peter brings with him a strong belief that storytelling is fundamental to human culture and human connection. As a by-product of a family filled with loquacious lawyers, he also believes in the power of the spoken word. With QWiPS™ he gets to bring these two beliefs together. Prior to joining QWiPS™, Peter was Director of Client Service and chair of the Executive Leadership team at JWT NY, a $200+ million, 700 person operation. In that role, Peter oversaw double-digit top line growth and management of a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients. As the largest office in JWT’s global network, this performance was pivotal in the agency being named AdWeek’s 2009 Global Agency of the Year. When he isn’t qwipping, Peter is parenting, trying to keep up with his two growing boys as they pursue life, sport, music, etc. Peter holds a BA from Bucknell University.
Shawn Landgraf, Board Member & Managing Director Strategic Partnerships
A native New Yorker, Shawn oversees strategic partnerships as well as financial matters at QWiPS™. A seasoned business development and finance executive with significant investment banking and C-level expertise. He also serves as Chairman and CEO of Magnus Associates; a management consulting firm with advisory experience in domestic and international private equity, investment banking, and business development matters. A dog lover, Shawn likes eclectic food, Penn State Football and NYC nightlife. Shawn holds an Honors Degree in Portfolio Management and Investment Banking Theory from Penn State University.
Joanna Sammartino Bailey, Managing Director, Brands and Agencies
A Rhode Island native, Joanna is a season digital executive and “40 under 40” AdAge nominee. At QWiPS™, Joanna builds and manages relationships with Brand and Agency partners. Prior posts include Managing Director at Publicis’ Moxie Interactive NYC office where she was responsible for many innovative firsts on blue chip brands and 9 years at various WPP digital agencies. Most notably, she was Managing Partner at Beyond Interactive where she tripled agency billings overseeing GSK, the agency's largest account. Joanna also managed LVMH, Hasbro, M&M Mars and P&G and successfully helped other major brands embrace social media and the digital space. An avid traveler, Joanna also enjoys cooking, painting, tennis and diving with sharks. Her husband and son join her in (almost) all of these activities. Joanna holds a dual MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and a dual BA from Emory University and is active with Digital NYC and AWNY.
Brian Hamilton, Managing Director, Celebrity
Brian is an accomplished solutions-driven executive with track record of building businesses and contributing to enterprise value for emerging companies. Prior to QWiPS™ Brian was the CEO of a celebrity network that managed the digital and social footprints, including transactions and social media brand activations, for over 250 celebrity clients. At QWiPS™ Brian leads the sports and entertainment division leveraging his 7 years in the entertainment industry into the social intersection of entertainment and digital media. In his downtime Brian likes cooking for large groups and is proud that no dish ever tastes the same twice. He also enjoys coaching t-ball with his son and teaching his daughter how to play soccer. Brian holds an MBA/MSIS from Penn State University and a BA from University of Rochester.

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