QWiPS Javascript Library, v1

This version of QWiPS Javascript Library is deprecated and not supported anymore. Most likely, it is broken or will break in the nearest future. Please consider switching to the new version.

Widget's behavior

Widget may work in two modes: inline and overlay. In overlay mode recorder and auth sections will appear in overlay. In inline mode its will appear inline. Default behavior is inline.

qwips.setInline( (true|false) )

Sets widget's behavior

Customize inline behavior

You can set up DOM-elements for append widget's elements to by adding special attributes to your textareas.


Sets container for widget elements (record button, recorder, editor, auth)
<textarea qwips:container="#place_widget_here"></textarea>


Sets container for record button
<textarea qwips:button="#place_button_here"></textarea>


Sets container for recorder. Only one recorder can be shown at one time.
<textarea qwips:recorder="#place_recorder_here"></textarea>


Sets container for editor.
<textarea qwips:editor="#place_editor_here"></textarea>


Sets container for auth. Only one auth can be shown at one time.
<textarea qwips:auth="#place_auth_here"></textarea>
You may specify all attributes or some.
<textarea qwips:container="#all_elements" qwips:button="#button_here"