QWiPS Javascript Library, v2

Including QWiPS - Putting QWiPs on your page

To include the QWiPS Javascript Library in your pages, just put a <script> tag in the document's <head> tag, as shown below:

  <!-- ... -->
  <script type="text/javascript" src="http://qwips.com/api/js/2"></script>
  <!-- ... -->

QWiPS Javascript Library exposes a single varible qwips to the global namespace (window). You can access all documented functions and event constants via qwips or window.qwips.

QWiPS Javascript Library will try to parse the page after it has finished loading.

Unless qwips.suspend() is called during initialization, the following will happen:

QWiPS Initialization

Immediately after initialization, QWiPS Javascript Library executes the contents of the <script> it was referenced by. This is a good place to set default options and change default behavior:

  <!-- ... -->
  <script type="text/javascript" src="http://qwips.com/api/js/2">

	//This code will run immediately after QWiPS initialization is complete,
	//before the page is scanned for QWiPs. It's a good place to customize
	//how QWiPS Widgets will appear and behave.

	//don't scan the DOM for QWiP links and QWiPS Widgets

	//set default player type to full
	qwips.options({ defaultPlayersType : 'full' });

  <!-- ... -->

See the rest of the API documentation to learn how to customize QWiPS on your site.